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ERDT Seeking Host Families for International Exchange Students

The Educational Resource Development Trust is looking for families willing to open up their homes to foreign exchange students. The ERDT is still looking to place about twenty students into homes in the Midwest for the upcoming spring semester. KSMU's Greg Leuthen explains how you can provide a home for one of these students and what both the student and your family can gain from this unique experience.

Many international exchange students come to the United States every year, leaving behind their families and friends to experience a new culture for a few months. Joining a new family during this time can make the transition much easier and provides the host families with a unique opportunity to see what people from a foreign country are like. Host families can also experience some of the nuances and traditions from a different culture.

Sue Esquivel is a local coordinator for the Educational Resource Development Trust, a global non profit organization that matches exchange students with host families. She explains what types of families can host exchange students.

Esquivel voluntarily hosted several exchange students before she started working for the Educational Resource Development Trust and currently has two exchange students living in her home. She says hosting students from Germany, Mexico, and Japan allowed her family to experience new cultures, holidays, and traditions that they never would have learned about otherwise. Esquivel also says the exchange students have had a positive influence on her two daughters by being open to change.

Host families are asked to set standard parental rules for the exchange students and provide them with a bed and meals. The students will have a personal budget to cover all other expenses.

For more information about becoming a host family, you can call the Educational Resource Development Trust or visit their website. This information is available at

*Educational Resource Development Trust:

Sue Esquivel, Southwest Missouri coordinator: (417) 468-2563

Central States Regional Phoneline: 1-800-715-3738


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