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Speaker Brings a Confrontational Religious Message to Missouri State

Crowds of Missouri State students stopped to listen to a controversial religious message this week. Traveling evangelist George Smock also known as Brother Jed came to the campus to speak to the students about their religion and lifestyle. KSMU's Jana Greer was there and reports.

George Smock has been traveling to college campuses to preach all over the country for thirty years. He spoke to students and anyone else who would stop and listen. His confrontational message had many people stopping to listen as he spoke in front of Strong Hall. John Schmalzbauer is a Religious Studies Professor at Missouri State and was one of many people who crowded around to hear what the evangelist had to say. He says that he was not surprised to see how many people were responding to the event.

Schmalzbauer says that college campuses are usually a good place to talk about faith.

Schmalzbauer says that even though the message offended many people, the delivery style and shock value of the message attracted a crowd. He says promoting a particular religious view by using an approach that, on some level is entertaining is nothing new.

George Smock is on a college campus preaching his message nearly every school day.