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Attorney General Provides Updated Toy Recall List

An addition to the Missouri Attorney General's web site could help you avoid buying toys for the holidays that have been recalled. KSMU's Emily Nash has more.

According to the Attorney General's web site, the latest toy recalls include children's yellow sunglasses sold at Dollar General Stores, and several Curious George plush dolls.

Each are suspected of containing lead-based paint.

John Fougere, press secretary for Missouri Attorney General Jay Nixon, says the Attorney General's web site outlines the latest toy recalls.

The web site is updated daily with the most recent recall information about toys, food, medicine, cosmetics, vehicles and car seats.

Fougere says keeping up with the latest toy recalls is a public safety issue for children.

Attorney General Jay Nixon is working with other state Attorneys General to look at the overall problem of lead in children's products.

Fougere says the states are taking initiatives to solve the problem, because the Federal Consumer Product Safety Commission or CPSC is understaffed.

If you think there might be lead in your child's toy, you can call the Attorney General's consumer protection hotline, or file a complaint with the CPSC.

For more information about the latest toy recalls, we have a link to the Attorney General's web site at


  • Missouri Attorney General's Web Site