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Two New Red Light Cameras In Springfield

Springfield has added two new red light cameras at the intersection of Battlefield and Campbell. This is the fourth intersection with red light cameras but the city plans on installing them at eleven more intersections. KSMU's Jana Greer reports.

There are over 300 cities in the United States that use red light cameras at intersections to prevent drivers from running red lights and getting into accidents. Earl Newman is the Traffic Engineer for Springfield. He says the purpose in Springfield is just that.

The city has to pay the company that provides the cameras over four thousand dollars per camera per month. Newman says that the city is currently breaking even on the cameras.

Each ticket will cost the driver one hundred dollars. The city would need to issue about one-point-five tickets per camera each day to keep breaking even. There are 249 signaled intersections in Springfield and in the end there will be cameras at 15 of them. Newman says he thinks that will be enough to keep drivers from breaking the law.

There are some people who are opposed to the cameras. In Georgia there has been a push to pass legislation to ban the cameras from being installed because of privacy issues. Springfield's Earl Newman says that he hasn't come across any opposition here yet.

The next intersections to be equipped with cameras are Sunshine and Battlefield and Sunshine and National. The city plans to have those up and running by the end of the year.