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Southwest Humane Society to Close South Cambell Location

The south Springfield location of the Humane Society is scheduled to close. The decision comes from the Southwest Missouri Humane Society Board of Directors. The decision comes at a time when demand for space at the Humane Society seems to be quite high. The organization has been dealing with a large number of animals all year. The North side location in Springfield has been overcrowded for months, and the waiting list to bring in a stray animal is over 10 pages long front and back. KSMU's Greg Leuthen has more.

Chance is just one of six dogs remaining at the Southside Humane Society. Despite the rapidly growing pet population, a waiting list over ten pages long of people waiting to bring in pets and strays, and virtually no empty cages at the Southwest Missouri Humane Society's North Springfield location, the Humane Society Board Members have decided to shut down the South Springfield location.

Bonnie Miller is the Executive Director of the Southwest Humane Society. She says that the Board wants to consolidate the animals into one location so that customers and the Humane Society both benefit. She says customers will benefit from seeing all the animals in one place, while the Humane Society reduces expenses.

But those reasons don't add up for Dina Wilson, one of the two employees at the Southside Humane Society. Wilson understands the financial concerns, but worries about what will happen to the extra animals with the board deciding to forfeit so many empty cages when the demand for animal space is so high. She says the south side location is her home and her life, and was upset when she found out about the decision.

Mandy Smith, who works with Wilson at the Southside location, says she believes the North side location has started to euthanize animals to create space for younger incoming animals.

Humane Society Executive Director, Bonnie Miller, says that although the Humane Society has started to euthanize animals, it is not being done to create space.

Humane Society employee Dina Wilson says she's worried about the six remaining dogs that will be taken to the north location if they don't find a home soon. She's afraid that her personal favorite, Priscilla, could be at risk.

Again, the Humane Society Executive Director insists that animals are not being euthanized to create space. The Southwest Humane Society Board plans on closing the South location gradually by removing the remaining dogs first while they leave the location open to try and find homes for the 24 remaining kittens and cats, that range from 9 weeks old to 14 years old.

The Board has not set an official date to close the South location.