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Nelson Mandela's Grandson, Cedza Dlamini, to Speak at Drury University

The grandson of Nelson Mandela will be speaking at Drury University this week. Cedza Dlamini travels the world to speak about how to address world problems. KSMU's Jana Greer reports.

Cedza Dlamini is from South Africa and travels the world to speak about helping resolve world issues such as HIV/AIDS, poverty, hunger and illiteracy. He does this by using the African concept of Ubuntu. Michael Hill is the Director of this year's convocation at Drury. He explains what Ubuntu is.

Dlamini's strong sense of community is a family trait. He is the descendent of freedom fighter King Sobhuza II and the grandson of former South African President and Nobel Peace Prize winner, Nelson Mandela. Dlamini founded the Ubuntu Institute for Young Social Entrepreneurs. An organization that helps train young African Leaders. Hill says that young people are Dlamini's passion.

The theme Hope and Action celebrates people who are putting their efforts into creating a better world. Hill says that Dlamini is a good example of this theme.

Dlamini will be speaking at Drury University at Clara Thompson Hall on October 25 at 11am. The event is free and open to the public.