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Governor Blunt Announces Budget Proposal To Help Protect Victims of Sexual Assault

Governor Mat Blunt announced Wednesday a new budget that will help protect victims of sexual assault and domestic violence. Blunt made his announcement at St. John's Hospital in Springfield. KSMU's Joe Morgan was there and has more.

Governor Blunt announced his plan to propose 4 million dollars in next year's state budget to help cover the costs of medical exams associated with rape or sexual assault. He says that it will be lowered to about 2 million dollars for the following years but necessity will determine the exact amount needed. Blunt explains difficulties victims have encountered in the past.

Blunt says it's important for Missouri to protect its citizens from not only violent criminals but the extended embarrassment that follows such crimes. He explains the government's role in enforcing such legislation.

Blunt says that this legislation also places stricter penalties on repeat offenders, it better protects children and victims who will no longer be required to take a polygraph test before the investigation begins. For KSMU News, I'm Joe Morgan.