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Community Foundation of the Ozarks Present Grants to Local Programs

The Community Foundation of the Ozarks presented 175 thousand dollars in grants to several local organizations to help improve the Springfield area's health and social services this morning. KSMU's Greg Leuthen has more.

To receive a grant, the program or organization applying must either promote the mental, physical, and emotional welfare of people or improve people's standard of living.

These issues directly address "red flag" areas indicated in the 2007 Community Focus report in Springfield and Greene County. The Family Life Skills Center, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, and Boys and Girls Town were among the twelve organizations awarded grants from the Community Foundation of the Ozarks.

Andrea Vent works at the Boys and Girls Town, which aids abused children. She says the grant the club received is very important to the organization and explains what the program offers these children.

Martee Robinson works at The Kitchen Medical and Dental Clinic. She explains some of the problems The Kitchen has.

Robinson says that with the grant received, The Kitchen can help provide its patients with a better life.

The Kitchen currently has over 100 patients on its waiting list.