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Governor Blunt Unveils Insure Missouri at St. John's Medical Center

Governor Matt Blunt unveiled his new healthcare plan Monday at St. John's Medical Center in Springfield. The new plan entitled Insure Missouri is part of the health care package the governor signed into law on July 2. KSMU's Joe Morgan has more.

According to statistics cited by Governor Matt Blunt, there are 700,000 Missourians who do not have any sort of heath care coverage. By unveiling Insure Missouri, the governor says he hopes that number will decrease in the years to come. President and CEO of St. John's Kim Day says now is the time for a change to Missouri heath care coverage.

Democrats are quick to criticize the plan saying it doesn't go far enough in reducing the number of people who are uninsured. Blunt says Insure Missouri is directed to offer health coverage to many of Missouri's lower income households. He says that Insure Missouri will also offer Missourians greater opportunities and option.

President of St. John's Clinic David Barbe says Insure Missouri is a step in the right direction for Missouri health care coverage.

Blunt says that no tax increase will be implemented and that all money needed for this new coverage is already in the system.

The new system will cover prescription drugs, emergency services, urgent care, medical equipment and much more. Blunt explains the predictions for the future of Insure Missouri.

Insure Missouri is a three phase program that the governor hopes to be fully operational within 15 months. For KSMU News, I'm Joe Morgan.