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New Organization in Ozarks Looking to Educate Public About Bio-Energy

A group of people from across the Ozarks are taking an important issue into their own hands. The group has recently created the Ozarks Green Energy Development, a non-profit corporation that seeks to educate the public about new fuel ideas. KSMU's Jana Greer reports.

With the slogan "Ideas Today-Energy Tomorrow" the Ozarks Green Energy Development is a new organization that believes the US needs to reduce its dependence on imported oil. The members of the group came together because of their common interest in the use of bio-energy. Jack Ryan is the coordinator for the Ozarks Green Energy Development. He says that he believes using bio-energy is not far from our future.

The group is looking to promote the development of a bio-energy industry in southern Missouri. The organization is looking into making fuel from bio-mass products such as forest residue, saw dust, wood chips and energy crops such as switch grass. Ryan says that it's most important for the group to educate the public about the use of bio-energy.

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  • Ozarks Green Energy Development Web Site