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Missouri Receives $1.4 Million For Pandemic Flu Preparedness

Missouri has received over one-point-four million dollars to help prepare for a possible pandemic flu outbreak. The Springfield Greene County Health Department expects to receive around forty thousand dollars this year. KSMU's Joe Morgan has more.

Springfield Greene County Health Department Director Kevin Gipson says his department will most likely receive a little less funding this year for pandemic flu than last year. He says the Health Department is expecting around 40 thousand dollars.

Gipson says that the Health Department is already taking steps to help prepare Springfield and the surrounding communities in case of a pandemic flu outbreak.

Gipson says that history shows that pandemic outbreaks will occur periodically and it's virtually impossible to predict when they will strike. He explains certain procedures that would take place if a flu pandemic hit the Ozarks.

Gipson says that there are certain things sick people can do to help the rest of the community and possibly help stop a flu outbreak.

Gipson encourages everyone to get a flu vaccination to decrease the likelihood of a pandemic flu outbreak. For KSMU News, I'm Joe Morgan.