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Senator Chris Koster Speaks about His Record and Changing Political Parties at Labor Day Picnic

Chris Koster is a likely Attorney General candidate and newcomer to the Democratic Party. He was in Springfield Monday for the annual Labor Day picnic at Fassnight Park. Until this summer, Koster had been a Republican State Senator, representing several counties just south of Kansas City. But then he announced he was changing parties and became a democrat...longtime political observers don't recall anything like this happening in recent memory. If Koster officially enters the race for the democratic nomination for Attorney General, he'll face two opponents. Representatives Jeff Harris and Margaret Donnelly are also seeking the democratic nomination for Attorney General. KSMU's Missy Shelton reports on Koster's appearance in Springfield and the kind of reception he received.

Before Democratic State Senator Chris Koster took the stage at the Labor Day picnic, Jim Kabell, business manager for the local teamsters gave the introduction.

During his remarks, Koster talked about his positions on issues that are important to organized labor. He also discussed why he changed political parties.

About 150 people gathered around to hear Koster's remarks. There were those who liked what he had to say like Lynn Starr of Rogersville. She says several things about Koster impressed her.

Others had some concerns. Jack Hembree of Springfield questions Koster's desire to enter an already crowded race for the democratic nomination for Attorney General.

In response to those critiques, Koster cites his record as Cass County prosecutor in which he took on cases of interest to organized labor. He says he has proven himself to be a friend of labor.

Koster says despite the questions about his decision to change parties, democrats across the state have been very welcoming.

If Koster enters the democratic primary, he'll face Representatives Jeff Harris and Margaret Donnelly. On the Republican side, Senate President Pro Tem Mike Gibbons is seeking his party's nomination.