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Local farmer's get CAFO operating permit

After a year of processing permits and appeals by neighbors, Michelle and Rodney Ozbun from Barry County, Missouri received a permit to operate a concentrated animal feeding operation, or CAFO from the Department of Natural Resources. But some residents in Barry County are still upset about the coups' possible consequences. KSMU's Emily Nash talks with people from all sides of the issue and files this report.

The Ozbun's can now get their chickens.

This week Michelle and Rodney Ozbun got their operating permit for their 65,000 concentrated animal feeding operation, or CAFO.

Since the Ozbun's started this process a year ago, nearby residents of Barry County have appealed the decision.

James Brookman, lives close to the Ozbn's property and says the chicken coups will only cause trouble.

But, Michelle Ozbun's says she has a plan for making sure her CAFO stays clean and the dry litter is removed.

Ozbun says she feels just as strongly about protecting the land and water next to Roaring River State Park.

Rob Morrison is the chief of the water pollution control branch of the Department of Natural Resources,

He says, the Ozbn's had to meet certain standards to get a permit.

Those standards will help protect nearby water from being contaminated.

Morrison says, the Ozbun's CAFO will be inspected several times a year to make sure the coup is clean and safe.

Appeals to the Ozbun's operating permit can be sent to the Department of Natural Resources' Administrative Hearing Commission.

If a petition has already been filed protesting the Ozbun's construction permit, an additional petition does not need to be filed for the operating permit.

For information about the appeal petition and the Ozbun's operating permit, we have a link to the Department of Natural Resources on our web site at


  • Missouri Department of NAtural Resources