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School Safety Tips

Springfield Public School students go back to school Thursday, and many children will be walking or riding the bus this year. KSMU's Emily Nash tells us what new safety improvements have been made this year to keep kids safe as they travel to school.

The streets surrounding Bingham Elementary School are marked as 20 mile per hour speed zones.

Message signs are posted for motorists approaching the school and kid friendly crossing signals with pedestrian countdown signals are in place.

Springfield Public Schools and Safe Kids Springfield have worked all summer to improve school safety for the coming year.

Earl Newman is the Assistant Director of Public Works and Traffic Engineering.

42 new Kid friendly crosswalk signs are being installed thanks to a partnership with Fed Ex Express.

The Kid friendly crosswalk signs include a countdown that helps children know how long they have to cross the street and a flashing warning signal to tell children when not to cross.

Bingham Elementary Principal Michelle Wilkerson, helps demonstrate the new crosswalks with some of her students.

The crosswalks allow children to push one button and get the maximum amount of walk time to cross the street.

Beth Kirckpatrick is a parent of a third grader who will be attending Bingham Elementary School on Thursday and says her daughter will be walking to school for the first time this year.

Along with the new crosswalks, Earn Newman says new bus routes have been established to keep students from walking across dangerous barrier streets.

Adult crossing guards will also be in place each morning and afternoon as students walk to school.

Parents are urged to walk children to school on the first day, and everyone is urged to be more cautious as they drive starting Thursday morning.

To see the new busing and walking route maps, we have a link to the Springfield Public Schools web sit at KSMU. Org.


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