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Local Law Enforcement Continues Crack Down on Drunk Driving

The Greene County Sheriffs Department will use a state grant to crack down harder on drunk driving...

KSMU's Matt Petcoff has more...

Mid-August means Labor Day is fast approaching and college students are finding their way back to Springfield.

That's just two more reasons for law enforcement to keep a closer eye on drunk drivers.

Because of a Missouri Safety Center grant, the Greene County Sheriff's department has about 3-thousand more dollars to work with.

Chief Deputy Jim Arnott says that money will go to cover overtime costs for deputies on patrol.

This he says is important in Greene County, where drunk driving has been a problem.

Arnott says alcohol related crashes have been on the decline, which he hopes is because of increased patrol efforts.

He continued to say this grant won't go towards a sobriety checkpoint, but that other grants will help fund more of those later this year.