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Crack Down on Drunk Driving a Joint Effort

The hot August temperatures mean Labor Day is just around the corner.

KSMU's Matt Petcoff explains why that means more law enforcement officials will be watching for drunk drivers...

In 2003 alone, Greene County saw a record 789 individuals arrested for drunk driving.

And, that was just by the sheriff's department.

Numbers have come down slightly, but law enforcement officials say drunk driving in Greene County is still a major problem.

But, the Greene County Sheriffs Department recently received a grant from the Missouri Safety Center to help crack down on drunk driving.

Chief Deputy Jim Arnott says the extra 28-hundred dollars will go to pay overtime salaries of deputies on patrol.

He also says when it comes to watching drunk drivers, it's often a joint effort between the sheriff's department and Springfield Police forces.

Arnott says drunken driving related crashes are down, which is encouraging.

He thinks the decline can be attributed to awareness programs and increased patrols by law enforcement.