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Willard High School Starting to Conduct Random Drug Tests This Year

This school year Willard high school will be following in the foot steps of several other area schools by implementing random drug tests on students. The Willard School Board approved the program over the summer and testing will begin this fall. KSMU's Jana Greer has more.

Students who are involved in an extracurricular activity or park on the school grounds are eligible for the random drug testing. That makes up about 85% of the students at Willard High School. Dr. Kent Medlin is the Superintendent of Willard Schools. He explains why he believes drug testing will help his students.

Medlin says that students who drive to campus or participate in extracurricular activities should be setting an example.

Some parents may have concerns, but Medlin says that as a parent, he thinks this will benefit his children by giving them another reason to make good choices.

A random drug test will be performed every two weeks by an independent drug testing company. Any student who tests positive will be suspended from their activity for 30 days.