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School Lunches Can Make or Break Student's School Day

Children and teens are starting back to school and whether they bring their lunch or buy a school lunch, it's important to make sure they are getting the right balance of foods in their school lunches. Ksmu's Jana Greer has more.

Terry Egan is a nutrition specialist for the University of Missouri. She says what students have for lunch can greatly impact their performance at school.

Meal programs at school must meet specific requirements for meal balance and fat content. Egan says she believes that the schools in southwest Missouri do a good job providing good meals for students.

Egan says that good eating habits start with parents and that it's important for them to be involved.

If students choose to bring their lunch be sure to pack a well balanced meal that includes a whole grain, a vegetable, a fruit, a protein and a milk product. If you have any concerns that your student's school lunches are not well balanced you should contact the school to voice your concerns and help make changes by getting involved with parent organizations such as the PTA.