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Study Shows Some Area Children Not Ready for Kindergarten

The Mayor's Commission for Children, a Springfield-based group, spent two years studying area kindergarteners.

And, on Wednesday, the commission announced its findings... which include that 20 percent of area kids aren't ready to enter kindergarten.

KSMU's Matt Petcoff has more...

After two years, nine school districts and almost 800 kids, the Mayor's Commission for Children released its report on the kindergarten readiness of area children.

The MCC gathered 16 early childhood experts to establish a School Readiness Work Group.

What they first found is that teachers said that one out of five students were not ready to enter kindergarten.

David Dixon is a psychology professor at Missouri State University and a member of the research group.

He says he found that it is just as important to teach kids how to share as it is to teach the A-B-C's.

It's still unclear how all of this information can be used.

But, Springfield Mayor Tom Carlson says he thinks an attempt at a more proactive approach with kids will serve the public better.

This is because studies show kids who fall behind learning curves are more apt to get in trouble later in life.

Melissa Riley is the Director of Early childhood and Parents as Teachers for the Springfield School District.

She says molding younger children is much easier than correcting students down the road.

The study concluded with recommendations for parents, teachers and the community.

These recommendations centered around a more focused effort on interaction between students and not just a focus on academics.


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