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OTC to Open Expanded Childhood Development Center

As enrollment at Ozarks Technical Community College continues to grow, so does the need for new and expanded facilities.

KSMU's Matt Petcoff took a tour of the newest building O-T-C has to offer...

On the north side of O-T-C's campus sits its old Early Childhood Center.

This 35-hundred square foot converted home is no longer big enough for the needs of the Early Childhood Development Program.

So, on July 9th, O-T-C will dedicate a new facility, almost five times as big as the old center.

Joel Doepker is Director of Public Relations and Communication at O-T-C.

He showed me the new facility which was painted bright colors and featured child sized sinks, water fountains and even toilets.

He says what's great about the new facility is that it helps both the Early Childhood Development Program and other programs as well.

The top floor of the new building will house mostly childcare functions with classrooms and multi use space filling the bottom level.

And, Doepker says having a complete learning experience under one roof is very important to the education process.

The new Early Childhood Center features brand new equipment, including a camera system and rubber floored playground.

And, the entire 2.2 million dollars of the project were generated by the college itself.