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Simpsons Mini Movie Creators Hold Media Sneak Peak

The creators of Springfield's Simpsons mini-movie submission invited the media to a sneak peak last night before the videos will be released online by FOX. The videos from Springfield's around the country will be on the USA Today website for fans to vote on within the next few weeks. The Springfield with the winning will earn the right to host the premiere of the Simpsons movie on July 27. KSMU's Joe Morgan was at the sneak peak and has the details.

The creation of Springfield's mini Simpsons movie took 18 days to shoot. In the end, producers had 11 hours of footage that they condensed that into a 3 minute 43 second video that has been submitted to FOX. The creators of the movie held a wrap party last night. Writer and Director Jeff Clinkenbeard explains what the party was about.

There were 14 separate camera crews that participated in the filming of the movie. Filming took place at Hammons Field and the downtown square among other places in Springfield. Clinkenbeard explains the criteria that FOX had all creators follow.

The movie is now property of FOX and will be posted on the internet soon. Movie Producer Kyaw Tha Hla says the next step in the process of landing the Simpsons Movie premiere is very important.

The movie will eventually be on the USA Today website for fan viewing and voting. It will also be on the website Director Jeff Clinkenbeard says that he hopes everyone will vote but his team always sticks to their motto taken from Buddhism.

For KSMU News, I'm Joe Morgan.