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Congressman Roy Blunt visited the highway 65 and highway 44 interchange Tuesday to discuss progress.

Congressman Roy Blunt visited the 25 million dollar highway 44 and highway 65 construction site on Tuesday to discuss the progress. The main attraction will be a flyover bridge connecting northbound 65 to westbound 44 which is the first such bridge in southwest Missouri. KSMU's Joe Morgan was at the site with Blunt and has more.

The interchange will be an improvement that Congressman Roy Blunt says has been needed in this area for a long time. Almost 90 percent of the cost is covered by federal money. He says that years of planning have gone into this site to maximize the safety and productivity.

With 30 to 40 thousand cars passing this interchange each way every day, Blunt says that the project will have instant success by making travel safer.

Blunt says the opening date for the project's main attraction a flyover bridge connecting northbound 65 to westbound 44 has been highly anticipated.

Blunt says that this project not only provides safer travel but it will also help the economy as well.

Missouri Department of Transportation's Springfield District Engineer Kirk Juranas says that Blunt's efforts have made this project a quicker success which is extremely important.

Juranas says that the project is currently ahead of schedule and the opening of the entire project will be May of 2008. Congressman Blunt says the next major project will be the intersection of highway 60 and highway 65. For KSMU News, I'm Joe Morgan.