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Convoy of Hope will conduct a disaster response exercise Saturday and the public is invited.

Convoy of Hope will conduct a disaster response exercise this Saturday to provide the public with insight on how disaster relief works. The exercise is also to aid in training potential and current volunteers as well as test Convoy's protocols as the hurricane season is in full swing. KSMU's Joe Morgan has more about the exercise.

A disaster response exercise conducted by Convoy of Hope will be in the parking lot of the Great Southern Bank Operations Center on South Glenstone this Saturday. This exercise is to aid in training volunteers in preparation for an actual event as well as inform the public about the disaster relief process. Convoy's Assistant Director for U.S. Disaster Response Paul Coroleuski says that this exercise is showing the public what Convoy does best.

Coroleuski says that a big part of this exercise is to become prepared for the hurricane season and to explore possible improvement areas.

Coroleuski says that Convoy will debut a new system that helps victims contact their loved ones after a disaster.

The exercise on Saturday is open to the public and Coroleuski says that by participating in the exercise, you'll show your support for those in need.

For more information about the disaster response exercise call the Convoy of Hope at 823-8998 or log on to For KSMU News, I'm Joe Morgan.