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Springfield Traffic Report Shows Fewer Crashes

Statistics show that Springfield is a safer place to drive to this year than it was just one year ago.

KSMU's Matt Petcoff explains why...

The June 2007 Crash Report Card shows improvements in a number of areas for Springfield drivers during the first five months of this year when compared to 2006.

The total number of crashes and injury crashes have declined about 10 percent.

Also, there have been 6 less fatal crashes when compared to this point last year.

Dan Jessen is the project engineer for the city.

He says he thinks an advertising campaign has made the difference.

The city's safety message for this month involves pedestrian safety.

Jessen says the majority of these crashes occur mid block, when a pedestrian is crossing without a signal or crosswalk.

But, he says it's also up to drivers to pay attention when approaching traffic lights.

One decrease that can't be linked to advertising, Jessen says, is the fall in fatal crashes.

He says those numbers will often vary from year to year no matter what the city does.