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The 7th Annual Jordan Valley Resource Day will be held on Thursday.

The seventh annual Jordan Valley Resource Day will be held in Springfield at Hickok's Steakhouse third-floor banquet room on Thursday at 10:30 am. This year's theme is "Redevelopment Through Community Engagement" focusing on future phases of Jordan Valley Park. There are special announcements planned including a Gold Certification for the Discovery Center as well as Springfield receiving grant money from the Environmental Protection Agency. KSMU's Joe Morgan explains the purpose of the resource day.

The seventh annual Jordan Valley Resource Day will focus on brainstorming ideas for future expansion of Jordan Valley Park. Also, Springfield leaders will make presentations documenting the progress that has already been made. The Director of Public Information for the City of Springfield Louise Whall explains the purpose of the resource day.

Whall says that resource day was established to show partners what good things Springfield has done with the help it has received. She explains why this day is important and shares a few things that will take place on Thursday.

A special part of Thursday's program will include the presentation of a gold certification for the Discovery Center. Whall says it's receiving the recognition for achieving the goals set forth by the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design system program.

Another major part of the program will be the announcement of a 1 million dollar grant awarded to Springfield by the Environmental Protection Agency. Whall explains what Springfield will do with the grant money.

The Environmental Protection Agency will also award a two hundred thousand dollar grant to help Springfield perform more Brownfields assessments for potential development sites. For KSMU News, I'm Joe Morgan.