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Governor Blunt's Security Task Force is Asking for Email Opinions About Campus Security

Governor Matt Blunt's Campus Security Task Force is now asking students and faculty from across the state to email their opinions about campus security to the group. This comes after two public hearings were held but the task force wants more input from those on college campuses. The governor created this task force shortly after the Virginia Tech shootings to ensure campuses in Missouri have adequate security. KSMU's Joe Morgan reports.

The Governor's Campus Security Task Force is asking for comments by email from students, faculty and community leaders on campus security. It is gathering information to help improve the standards of campus security throughout the state of Missouri. Director of Communication for the Missouri Department of Public Safety Terri Durdaller explains the purpose of the task force.

Durdaller says that the emailing program is another step in gathering enough information to make the best decisions for Missouri campuses.

Durdaller says that it's crucial for this process to obtain opinions from a mixture of groups considering many people are affected.

Durdaller says that the task force has heard many great ideas from the public but still would like to hear more.

Durdaller says she is confident that the task force will come up with an adequate plan to keep Missouri campuses safe within a few months.

Anyone wanting to voice their opinions about campus safety will find more information on how to send in their comments online at For KSMU News, I'm Joe Morgan.