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Missouri State University Hosts the Fine Arts Academy for the Twelfth Year

Over 200 high school students from across the state are at Missouri State University for the Fine Arts Academy. The students are hand picked to participate in this highly competitive program. Ksmu's Jana Greer reports.

This is the 12th year Missouri State has brought talented young artists to the campus. For the next three weeks students will live and breathe art. Classes take place during the day and in the evenings students attend cultural and social functions.. Julie Bloodworth is the Director of the Missouri Fine Arts Academy. She says the program is different from any other summer camp.

Bloodworth says that students can expect the program to be different every year.

Each year students are nominated for the program then are selected by artists and art educators to attend the academy. Bloodworth says she hopes students learn how art connects with the world.

The program is free to the students because it is funded by the Missouri Legislature. The Academy will run until the end of the month.