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California Follows Missouri's Lead by Passing the Iran Divestment Bill

California's State Assembly has unanimously passed a measure modeled after policies in Missouri, related to investments in companies and countries with ties to terrorism. The California bill is intended to stop investment in companies that do business with Iran. Missouri State Treasurer Sarah Steelman has been working with the assembly on the issue. Ksmu's Jana Greer reports.

The U.S. government has listed Iran as a state sponsor of terrorism and has banned U.S. companies from doing business in Iran. However money from international companies continue to go to Iran. California's Iran Divestment Bill prevents the state retirement system from investing in companies involved with Iran.

Sarah Steelman is the Missouri State Treasurer. She has been working with legislators from around the country to rid state investments of terror-related ties. She says the bill will cut off any money that might have gone to Iran.

Steelman says that there are several reasons why she is so passionate about the bill.

Similar bills have gained momentum in several other states. The Iran Divestment Bill still has to pass through the California Senate. Missouri was the first state to implement a terrorism screening policy for a public pension system.