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Shooting Range Accomodates Disabilities

People with disabilities can now enjoy many of the outdoor activities in the Ozarks. The Andy Dalton Shooting Range has made several adjustments to its facilities to make it more accessible for people with disabilities. KSMU's Emily Nash takes us to the shooting range for this report.

Someone who has a disability might be hesitant to try outdoor activities like hunting, fishing or shooting.

But, through The Andy Dalton Shooting Range and the Southwest Center for Independent Living people with any kind of disability have the chance to do these outdoor activities without restrictions.

Pat Killingsworth is a volunteer for the Southwest Center for Independent Living.

She says, for four years the Andy Dalton Shooting Range has made adjustments to help people with disabilities, hunt, shoot, and fish.

She says one of the biggest difficulties people with disabilities have, is balancing riffles.

Phaedra Marriott was at the range when I visited.

She is the 2007 Miss Wheelchair Missouri and has been in a wheelchair for 11 years.

Marriott says, when she comes to the shooting range, she feels like she has control.

David Crews, who works at the shooting range helped Mariott balance the gun on her shoulder while she shot skeet.

Mike Brooks is the Outdoor Education supervisor at the Andy Dalton Shooting Range.

Brooks says, the volunteers at Andy Dalton Shooting Range try to think of new ways to help make outdoor activities accessible to people with disabilities.

Every year, the Andy Dalton Shooting Range hosts a day long program that lets people with disabilities try outdoor activities.

Activities include archery, shot gun and air riffle shooting, fishing, crafts and outdoor cooking.

The Southwest Center for Independent Living is helping host this year's Day at the Range in June.

Killingsworth from the Southwest Center for Independent Living says the day is a chance for people with disabilities to try outdoor activities they never thought were possible.

A Day at the Range will be held June 16th from 8-4:30 and is free and open to everyone in the community.