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Student Art Exhibition Opens at Springfield Art Museum

The annual Springfield All School Art Exhibition opened this weekend at the Springfield Art Museum.

KSMU's Matt Petcoff visited the museum to find out what is on display this year...

When you first enter the Springfield Art Museum, you will quickly realize you're surrounded by student art.

The first thing to catch your eye should be the amount of color the students used in their work which is reminiscent of the construction paper and crayons familiar to grade school art classes.

And, on top of the vibrant colors, the number and variety of works on display can easily keep you busy for hours.

Leading me on my tour was Dan Carver, the Museum Educator at the Springfield Art Museum.

And, after seeing some charcoal drawings in the middle school and high school exhibit, two very different pieces at the end of the hallway stand out...

After leaving the middle school and high school gallery, you'll enter the second hall which features art created by grade school children.

The work in the younger kid's exhibit differs from that found in the first gallery because so many different materials were used.

And, in the grade school exhibit, you'll find a chicken coup right around the first corner...

Carver says over the years he has seen how excited the students get to see their art hanging in a museum.

And, Sharon Kahmann, an art teacher at Bingham and Pershing Elementary Schools can attest to the excitement among the students.

Kahmann is taking part in her final All School Art Exhibition after working in the area for 18 years because she says will be retiring at the end of this school year.

And, she says the students she's worked with feel privileged when their art is chosen to be included in the annual exhibition.

Art featured in this years exhibition comes from students in grades Kindergarden through 12 from both public and private schools in the area.

The student exhibits will be on display from now until April 15th.