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Missouri Board of Education Recommends Replacing MAP Tests with Exit Exams

The Missouri Board of Education recently recommended replacing the Missouri Assessment Program tests, known as MAP tests, with statewide exit exams, KSMU's Jana Greer Reports.

The MAP test has been mandatory in high schools for nearly a decade.

The board has been considering changes in high school testing for over two years and earlier this month, approved that change.

Board members says they hope that replacing MAP testing with exit exams will be positive for students and teachers by making the exam more relevant and meaningful.

Justine Lines is a Science teacher at Kickapoo High School in Springfield.

She says the exit exams are a good idea and a good way to show students have mastered the materials in class.

Teachers are not alone in supporting the exit exams. Justin Herrell is the Principal at Hillcrest High School in Springfield. He says there is a need for the statewide exams.

He says he hopes that students will take the exit exams more seriously than they have the MAP tests.

The MAP test doesn't count towards students' grades but the state school board intends for the exit exams to be apart of the grades students receive in their classes.

Nixa Superintendent, Stephen Kleinsmith, says he hopes grading the exit exams will encourage students to do better.

The exit exams will be required in public high schools starting in the 2008-2009 school year.