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Bone Marrow Drive in Springfield

Amy's Army is hosting a Bone Marrow Donation Drive on Sunday December 10th from 9am to 3pm at Temple Israel. KSMU Emily Nash tells us more about the drive.

Donating blood isn't the only way you could save a life this week.

Amy's Army is an organization that is seeking to find a bone marrow match for a girl diagnosed with leukemia.

Officials with Amy's Army are hosting what they say is Missouri's first Bone Marrow Donation Drive on Sunday December 10th.

Craig Smith is a local coordinator for the bone marrow drive in Springfield.

He says that being a donor is part of his lifestyle.

Five million names are on the National Bone Marrow Registry list

But thousands of cancer patients, like Amy, are not able to find a match.

Smith says, finding a donor match is hard, especially for ethnic minorities.

A bone marrow transplant is needed when a patient is suffering from a blood cancer, such as leukemia or lymphoma.

The transplant is required when a patient undergoes high-dose chemotherapy or radiation treatment.

When these treatments are used to kill cancer cells, bone marrow cells are also destroyed.

If your bone marrow is damaged, your body can no longer produce blood cells to fight off infections and diseases.

Smith says when a patient needs a bone marrow transplant, it their last option for survival.

If you are called to give a donation, the marrow is taken from your hip bone

The procedure takes a few hours under general anesthesia and is done at your local hospital.

Being on the donor list, does not automatically mean you will be called to give a donation.

The Springfield Bone Marrow Drive will take place Sunday, December 10th from 9am-3pm at Temple Israel.

There is no testing fee and you will have the opportunity to register to be on the donor list.

To register you must be between the ages of 18-60 and in generally good health.

For more information about the drive you can contact Craig Smith at 836-5915