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Home Weatherization Saves on Energy Bills

A dip in temperatures can mean a spike in energy bills, but home weatherization can take a bite out of the spike. KSMU's Christy Hendricks reports.

Cooler temperatures in the Ozarks mean increased heating bills, but home weatherization can help reduce energy costs.

Todd Steinmann is the director of the weatherization program for Ozarks Area Community Action Corporation or OACAC.

He says home owners can take some easy steps to help make their homes warmer while using less energy.

Steinmann says lower temperature settings on thermostats save on higher energy bills.

He says taking shorter showers, washing clothes in cold water, and drying clothes in the sun reduce utility costs as well.

Todd Steinmann says to change furnace filters regularly, and fill in all openings in walls, ceilings, and floors.

OACAC's program offers free weatherization to low-income home owners and renters and Steinmann says many people notice the difference after his team weather strips doors, caulks windows, and wraps ducts.

City Utilities of Springfield offers energy audits for those who don't qualify for OACAC's weatherization program through CU's Home Sense program.

Steinmann says the audit tells levels of insulation and air leakage.

Todd Steinmann says energy audits cost 100-dollars.

He says weatherization of a home can be done anytime of the year and lasts as long as 30 years.

The U.S. Department of Energy estimates the national average in energy savings is 358-dollars for the first year after weatherization.