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Researcher Seeks Information on Century Farms

A member of the Greene County Historic Sites Board is researching Century Farms in Greene County. KSMU's Missy Shelton reports.

Jackie Warfel of Bois D'Arc is seeking information on the 83 Century Farms in Greene County.

To qualify for Century Farm status, farms must have been in the same family for 100 years or more and have at least 40 acres in production.

The Century Farms program began in Missouri in 1976. At that time, more than 28 hundred farm owners were recognized as having Century Farms. Nearly 3 thousand more farms have been added.

Jackie Warfel says she wants to verify the status of the farms.

Warfel says it's important to keep track of these farms because it's an important part of our local history.

Warfel says she's already talked to some owners of century farms.

Warfel says the agricultural history of Greene County is largely unwritten.

She says many farmers didn't have the means to ensure their stories survived.

Warfel says the information she gathers will go to the University of Missouri Extension office which administers the Century Farms program.

She says she believes there are some farms that qualify as Century Farms but have not received that designation.

All Century Farms receive a marker to display on their property to indicate the farm's status as a Century Farm.

If you have information about a Century Farm in Greene County, you may contact Jackie Warfel at 417-742-3848.