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New Tax Credits Encourage Donations to Children and Youth Facilities

Missouri will offer tax credits to donors who contribute to specific groups that help abused, neglected or troubled children. The tax credit programs are part of legislation that the governor signed into law today. KSMU's Missy Shelton reports.

One bill creates tax credits for donors who contribute to Court Appointed Special Advocates or CASA, child advocacy centers, and crisis care centers.

The other bill gives tax credits for donations to residential care providers for children and youth.

Raymond Kenison is President of Missouri Baptist Children's Home and he came up with the idea of letting residential care facilities to use their state funding for tax credits.

He says what the state pays providers like his to care for children in the state's custody is not enough to cover the cost of providing the care.

The idea is to give residential care providers a tool to attract more private donations.

Kenison says he expects donors will like this opportunity to receive a tax credit.

Another residential care provider that expects to gain from the new tax credit program is the Good Samaritan Boys Ranch, located north of Springfield.

Julie Conway is Director of Fund Development and Public Relations for the ranch.

She says the ranch has used tax credits to make major improvements.

Conway says she expects the ranch will use the tax credits from this new program to hire additional people.

The other bill that's now law gives tax credits for donations to CASA, child advocacy centers and crisis care centers.

Funding for the tax credit comes from money that's left over from another tax credit.

The sponsor of the bill, Springfield Republican Senator Norma Champion says last year, there was about 1 point 4 million dollars in unclaimed money in the fund.

The tax credit will become available August 28th when the law takes effect.

But for information on how to receive tax credits for donations made to CASA, child advocacy centers and crisis care, you need to contact the individual organizations.

The tax credit for residential care providers is available for donations made after January first, 2007.