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Brad Paisley's 'Time Well Wasted'

Country crooner Brad Paisley doesn't believe in taking himself or his music too seriously. One of the songs on his new CD, Time Well Wasted, laments the needless death of flowers in the name of love.

Stop the senseless killing, can't you hear those roses cry? Baby, how many flowers have to die? Paisley sings in "Flowers."

Paisley, nominated for six Country Music Association awards this year, tells Melissa Block that he doesn't like "the poser mentality," so common among country music stars. "I don't like to stand on stage and feel like I'm pretending to be anything I'm not."

Paisley, one of the youngest members of the Grand Ole Opry, grew up in Glen Dale, W.Va. His grandfather, who worked the night shift on the railroad, urged him to play the guitar at a young age.

"His advice to me was, 'Anything that's going wrong in your life, you can pick this guitar up and it'll go away.'"

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