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Conservation Department and Water Patrol help Hurricane victims.

Volunteers from the Missouri State Water Patrol and the Missouri Department of Conservation help victims of Hurricane Katrina. KSMU's Mike Smith and Michele Skalicky have these reports:

16 volunteers from the Missouri Department of Conversation, and 10 from the Missouri State water Patrol recently returned from the Louisiana where they helped in rescue efforts following Hurricane Katrina. Conservation Agent Danton Letterman tell KSMU news that Conservation crews worked from boats in 2 man teams. He says his boat rescued 2 people, but most hurricane victims Agents spoke to wanted to stay in their homes.

Colonel Rad Talburt with the Missouri State Water Patrol says his crews also talked to alot of people who didn't want to leave their flooded homes. Talburt and Letterman both say conditions in New Orleans were deplorable and their officers and fellow agents will soon undergo physical evaluations this week to insure they did not contract any diseases.

The State Emergency Management Agency requested volunteers for the rescue and relief effort. The Federal Emergency Management Agency is providing funding for the mission.