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New Fund for Military Families

There's a new fund designed to provide emergency financial assistance to families of military personnel who are serving oversees. KSMU's Missy Shelton reports.

Beginning next year, Missouri military families will be able to apply for assistance from the Missouri Military Families Relief Fund when they're facing a financial crisis.

Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder signed into law today in St Louis a bill that creates the Missouri Military Relief Fund.

Lawmakers passed a bill this past session that sets up the fund to help families when a soldier is called to active duty.

Colonel John Cairer is the Director of the Guard's Family Readiness Program.

Money for the fund will come from Missourians who choose to donate to it.

Cairer says that will become easier next year when you do your taxes.

Cairer says other states have set up similar relief fund programs for military families in financial crisis.

He says Missouri will learn from other states with successful programs.

While many private groups donate money and resources to military families, Cairer says he's pleased that the state is setting up its own fund.

A three member panel will administer the Missouri Military Families Relief Fund.

The panel will consist of one member each from the Missouri National Guard, the Reserves and the Missouri Veterans Commission.