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Missouri National Guards Transforms Forces

The Missouri National Guard announced it will transform its forces across the state. KSMU's Christy Hendricks reports.

The Missouri National Guard announced recently that it will transform its forces across the state to better fit changing missions.

Captain Tammy Spicer is the public affairs officer for the Missouri National Guard.

She says the changes will help the Guard better meet the needs of the evolving battlefield abroad and homeland security needs here at home.

Spicer says events like 9/11 have expanded the need for military police in homeland defense and peace-keeping roles abroad.

She says almost all military police in the Missouri National Guard system have undergone two separate deployments and says because of the increased need, the number of military police will double.

Captain Tammy Spicer says because field artillery units were not used much in Operation Iraqi Freedom, Missouri's forces will decrease.

Spicer says the changes will begin in June and should be complete by September 2006.