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Dog Tunes: 'Tails of the City'

They're part of our daily lives, sitting there looking at us, asking to go outside. A new collection of songs tries to sniff out the less obvious things on dogs' minds.

Tails of the City features songs by Murray Weinstock and performed by John Sebastian, Phoebe Snow, Dr. John and other artists. The tunes include "Big Dogs Need More Food," (featuring tips on the best places to eat in the big city), "Chase That Ball" (a game more endless than baseball) and "Big Kahuna" (about love on the beach).

Weinstock's CD was inspired by his late dachshund Sparky, whom he credits in the liner notes "for showing me life's priorities: love and food, or is it food first and then love?"

Hear Weinstock and NPR's Melissa Block.

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