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SMSU celebrates a Centennial Homecoming

It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood around SMS October 23rd, perfect weather in fact for SMSU's Centennial Homecoming.

Mike Smith has the story:

True to prediction, cloudy skies and rain that covered the Ozarks Friday night gave way to sunshine and moderate temperatures Saturday morning, allowing participants in SMSU's homecoming parade the opportunity to make last minute adjustments to their floats.

Making his way through the parade entry staging area to join up with a group of Shriners on whose float he will ride, a fellow sporting glasses and a uniform similar to that of a postman is quickly recognized and surrounded. He's Mr. McFeely, the "Speedy Deliverly Man" featured for 37 years on the PBS television series Mr. Rogers Neighborhood". After posing for pictures and autographing several promotional photos, the float carrying Mr. McFeely makes its way onto John Q. Hammons Parkway for the ride towards SMSU. The crowd on both sides of the parade route gives Mr. McFeely a warm welcome.

The parade's theme is "100 Years of Magical Milestones"

celebrates SMSU's centennial, and serving as Grand Marshall's

were the university's 4 living Presidents. John Keiser, who took office in 1993; Marshall Gordon, President from 1983-1992;

Duane Meyer, who led SMS from 1971-1983; and Arthur Mallory,

President of SMS from 1964-1971.

21 high school marching bands in 5 classes of competition

performed for what SMS officials said was one of the largest crowds lined up for a homecoming parade at SMSU. 1st place trophies were awarded to Billings, Hartville, School of the Osage, St. Clair, and Pacific. The Central Kilties edged out the Hillcrest Highlanders for the top prize in the Drum and Bugle competition.

1st prize for a student organization float went to Gamma Sigma Sigma, Delta Sigma Pi. In the community entry category, teh SMS Library took top honors, while the KSMU/OPT/Carthage Shriners Train carrying Mr. McFeely was awarded 2nd place.

For KSMU News, I'm Mike Smith.