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Missouri Congressman Makes the Rounds

Congressman Roy Blunt of Southwest Missouri says he traveled all over the country in August, visiting 22 House districts to campaign for Republican candidates. This week, he's at the Republican National Convention in New York City...This morning, he spoke to the Ohio delegation and that's where KSMU's Missy Shelton caught up with him. Missy: I'm here at the Marriott Marquis in Times Square where Southwest Missouri Congressman and House Majority Whip Roy Blunt just spoke to the Ohio delegation. Ohio state auditor Betty Montgomery introduced Blunt.

At times, Blunt sounded less like a politician and more like a comedian.

After his speech, Roy Blunt took a couple of minutes to speak with me about what he's doing this week during the convention:

Blunt: I've been involved with the President since his first campaign. They've asked me to speak to some key delegations. That's a good use of my time. Missouri is one of those key delegations.

Missy: Why have you visited 22 districts?

Blunt: Helping candidates is the way we advance the agenda Southwest Missourians care about. For a long time, the Southwest Missouri Congressman was in the minority and their job was fight the good fight but to lose everyday.

Missy: Since you're in leadership, will the Missouri delegates get perks?

Blunt: They'll be treated well this week.

Missy: Will the President and Vice President visit Southwest Missouri again?

Blunt: I'm sure they will. They've both been in our state and in Southwest Missouri so many times...Not just with the campaign but in the last four years. It's been a long time since a President has reached out to our area.

Missy: Why do they need to come to that corner of the state...I mean, it's obviously a Republican area.

Blunt: It's important to encourage voter turnout. It makes a difference...Just ask Jim Talent.

Missy: Your democratic challenger Jim Newberry wants a debate...Will you debate him?

Blunt: Sure. I hope we can work it out. So far, the invitations have been on days when I'm working. But I'd like for you organization to offer to host a debate.

Missy: We'll see what we can do.

I've been speaking with Southwest Missouri Congressman Roy Blunt. He's speaking this week to delegates from all over the country as he tries to shore up the Republican majority in the House. He faces democratic challenger Jim Newberry in November.