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Gladstone's 'Games to Go'

Detail: 'Gladstone's Games to Go' Cover
Detail: 'Gladstone's Games to Go' Cover

NPR's Scott Simon talks with Jim Gladstone, author of Gladstone's Games to Go: Verbal Volleys, Coin Contests, Dot Duels, and Other Games for Boredom-Free Days.

The handy paperback collects games and puzzles that require no equipment beyond some loose change and a pen or pencil -- perfect for the gang in the back seat on a long summer holiday road trip.

And to guarantee a boredom-free day on your next road trip, Gladstone has provided some rhyming riddles to keep the kids guessing. A "hink pink" rhymes two one-syllable words; a "hinky pinky" rhymes two-syllable words, and so forth.


- A test tube of happiness is a... SMILE VIAL

- An obese Siamese is a... FAT CAT

- A wren with acid reflux is a... G.E.R.D. BIRD

- A carton of smoked fish is a... LOX BOX

- The President's behind is the... BUSH TUSH


- Dark blue chicken drippings are... NAVY GRAVY

- A cassaba thief is a... MELON FELON

- A deluge of dahlias is a... FLOWER SHOWER

- Conversation about baking -- or baseball -- is... BATTER CHATTER

- Eau de Balboa is... STALLONE COLOGNE


- A candy jar lock is... CONFECTION PROTECTION

- A pachyderm that makes a difference is a... RELEVANT ELEPHANT

- The National Union of Washer-Driers is an... APPLIANCE ALLIANCE

- A buffet divider is a... NUTRITION PARTITION

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