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The Kitchen Inc. gets a big boost in funds

With the help of a $50,000.00 donation, "The Kitchen" will find it easier to help the impoverished and homeless in the Springfield area. Mike Smith has the story.

"The Kitchen Inc." is the areas largest single provider of services to the impoverished and homeless, and Thursday, November 20th, representatives of the organization announced a challenge donation to help raise matching funds to help those in need. Tobias Meeker, CEO of The Kitchen says an anonymous family has donated $50,000.00 and that donation can then in effect double in size if the community responds to the challenge.

Meeker says "20 years ago, the majority of homeless persons were single men. But these days, due to a wide range of circumstances, 50% of homeless persons across the country are families with children". Locally, Meeker says, the numbers are higher. "82% of those who receive assistance from "The Kitchen Inc." are families with children." He tells KSMU news the money raised with the challenge grant will, for the most part, be used to support children in need.

Meeker says any and al cash donations to "The Kitchen" will be used in a variety of ways including "The basic services such as food, clothing, and shelter. Medical care, day care, counseling services and even bus passes".

For information on how to help "The Kitchen Inc." raise the funds needed to double the $50,000.00 challenge donation, call 417-837-1500. Cash donations may be mailed to: The Kitchen" at 1630 N. Jefferson, Springfield Mo. 65803.