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Retired Driver Examiner tells her story

As you might imagine, a person whose career is spent sitting next to inexperienced drivers trying to pass the final test needed to obtain a permit, has some stories to tell. Mike Smith has this report:

In early August, the Missouri State Highway Patrol announced the retirement of Judy Taylor who leaves the Patrol after 24 years of service. If you don't recognize her name, that's ok, but thousands of Southwest Missourians had contact with Judy Taylor in the 16 years she spent at Troop D in Springfield. You see, until Aug 1st, Judy Taylor was a driver examiner, you know, the person whose signature is needed before a drivers license is issued. And although the driving part of the exam can be scary to some, it was just part of the daily routine to Judy Taylor.

As you might imagine, Taylor has some stories to tell after a career sitting next to new nervous drivers.

She's been involved in several fender benders and has been in 2 accidents in which the cars she was riding in were totaled.

She does say though that one of the best bits of advice she can give to those who are preparing to take the driver exam, is to get to know the town and the vehicle you are going to take the test in.

Taylor says all Highway Patrol examiners have a standard test to give, and everyone starts with a score of 100. For every mistake made, a certain number of points is deducted. Any number below 70 is a failing grade.

These days, Judy Taylor spend time with sewing and needlework, and she and her husband enjoy the extra time available with their children, grandchildren, and each other. For KSMU News, I'm Mike Smith.