Renewable Energy

Courtesy of Cara Shaefer-Directory of Energy Services and Renewables with CU

This week on Making Democracy Work, host Leslie Carrier speaks with Cara Shaefer, director of energy services and renewables for City Utilities.

Today’s discussion looks at renewable energy and what City Utilities is doing to enhance this service, and what that means to the local consumer. 

Efforts to make a business more efficient to keep pace with the changing times and climate is nothing new. At Missouri State University, officials say the recent addition of a chilled water loop is one example, helping save on air conditioning costs. But its reliance on coal has many asking what other sources can be used instead.

In December, students urged the Board of Governors to focus on wind, solar and geothermal technology to derive 100 percent of its energy from renewable sources. So is that possible?

CU and Energy Bill

Jun 27, 2007

A bill signed by Governor Blunt this week sets targets for utility companies to increase their use of renewable resources to generate energy. As Michele Skalicky reports, City Utilities is already working to increase the amount of energy from renewable sources.

The law recommends, but does not require, utilities to cut down their use of fossil fuels over the next 13 years.

The law contains no penalties for companies that fall short.