National Weather Service

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A winter storm system will push into the area today.  Gene Hatch, meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Springfield, said a wintry mix of precipitation will move in from the northwest.

"Initially what we are expecting is a mix of freezing drizzle, sleet or snow.  A lot of what we'll get will depend on the atmospheric conditions--whether we have ice in the clouds or not," he said.

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The Ozarks could see some wintery precipitation over the weekend.

National Weather Service meteorologist Steve Lindenberg said we’ll see light rain first tonight.  As colder air moves in, that precipitation is expected to change over to snow.

"With the heaviest along the I-44 corridor up toward Rolla where they could see three or four inches.  A little bit less as you head down toward Springfield with maybe one to two inches," he said.

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UPDATE: A flash flood warning is in effect in Greene County until 2 pm.  Some areas expected to experience flooding in the county are Route CC west of Fair Grove at the Pomme De Terre River, Scenic Avenue in southwest Springfield, Buena Vista Rd. at the Ward Branch south of Springfield,  Route C at the Little Sac River north of Strafford and Highway 125 just west of Highway 60.

A flash flood warning is in effect until 2 pm in Barry County.  One area expected to experience flooding there is Roaring River State Park.

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Take your umbrella and maybe some rain boots with you today and tomorrow when you head outside.  National Weather Service meteorologist Jason Schaumann says two to five inches of rain are expected across the Missouri Ozarks through tomorrow night.

The Springfield area is forecast to see two and a half to three and a half inches of rain with up to five inches possible in West Plains.

All that rain will likely result in flooding.

Heat Advisory Compounds Need for Fan Donations

Jul 13, 2015
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For the first time this summer, the Salvation Army in Springfield opened its cooling center due to the extreme heat. And with the extension of a heat advisory by the National Weather Service, the center will again be open tomorrow from 8:30 a.m. until 7 p.m.

Jeff Smith, social services director for the Salvation Army, says one of the greatest needs for donations last week and this week have been fans.

“There are people who do not have air conditioning, who need for it to be a little bit cooler,” Smith says.