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Fake news. Click bait. Last week on the Missouri State Journal we dove into this topic and discussed the origins, as well as why we, as consumers, aren’t verifying our sources better.  


The term “fake news” is flung around social media. This mud-slinging calls into question the integrity and ethics of some journalists and outlets. Sometimes the accusation is because the news is indeed fake, while other times it’s because the truth hurts. 


Collaboration – this coming together of two individuals or multiple entities to create something greater – is all around us. At times we love it and other times we hate it – usually because it challenges us.

Dr. Carrisa Hoelscher, assistant professor of communication at Missouri State University, explains her primary focus of research: Collaboration and the tensions that come along with it.

There is a major misunderstanding of the concept of tension. More than that, she is surprised by the lack of self-awareness she has seen when studying this tension. She elaborates.

Ring the chimes – it’s time to celebrate the reopening of Ellis Hall on the Missouri State University campus. Ellis is home to the music department and has recently undergone a huge face lift that will make new students, faculty and staff sing with pride.

The $14 million project centered on improving the facility’s acoustic conditions, reconfiguring space and updating material finishes.

This summer, construction crews finished framing windows and installing glass, lighting and sheetrock. The building also has an upgraded roof, HVAC and other mechanical systems.


(Photo by SIgrid Estrada; courtesy of www.georgehodgman.com)

Northeast Missouri native George Hodgman is a veteran magazine and book editor in New York who has worked for Simon and Schuster and "Vanity Fair" magazine, and his writing has appeared in a number of major magazines.  In his New York "Times" bestselling memoir "Bettyville," Hodgman describes returning to his small hometown of Paris, Missouri in 2012 to take care of his ornery 90-year-old mother who was suffering from dementia.  The "Times" called it a "remarkable, laugh-out-loud book."  The Missouri State University College of Arts and Letters, the MSU English Department, and Missouri Cen