Michael Dorausch / Flickr, Used with permission

With their hands over their hearts and voices loud, 90 new Americans pledged their loyalty to the United States in a naturalization ceremony at Missouri State University. 

Thirty-two different countries were represented in the Plaster Student Union. They had waited in lines, filled out paperwork and fought through the challenges of becoming an American. For the 90 successful applicants, a new life begins.

Doug Harpool, a U.S. District Court Judge for Western Missouri, officially welcomed the crowd of new American citizens.

Theresa Thompson / Flickr

Poll workers, or “election judges” as they’re officially called, are those citizens who hand you your ballot and give instructions when you go to vote.

And they often come from an older demographic in Missouri. 

Shane Schoeller is the Greene County Clerk--so he’s on the hook for making sure there are enough qualified workers to run the polling places come Election Day.

Traditionally, it’s been easier to recruit people who are retired, he said.