Sense of Place

Profiling historical people, places and things throughout the Ozarks. Until recently, Sense of Place had been a long-running series on KSMU. We re-launched the series in August 2017 to capture unique stories on history throughout our region. Below, see recent reports and archives from over the years.

Structures Built By WPA Echo From The Past

Jan 28, 2010

Some experts have compared parts of the current economic climate to the Great Depression. In our ongoing series “A Sense Of Place” we look at our own local history in order to understand how it shapes our community. KSMU’s Emma Wilson explores how one Depression-era program still has an impact on everyday lives.

Nathan Boone State Historic Site

Jul 27, 2009

Just north of Ash Grove sits a site that tells the story of America's push westward. KSMU's Michele Skalicky takes you to the Nathan Boone Homestead State Historic Site...

Many people know more about Nathan Boone’s father, Daniel than they know about Nathan, but Nathan Boone made a significant mark on history, too. Dave Roggensees is Natural History Manager at the Site. He says Boones’ life was significant because he did so much to bring America west, yet he did it behind the scenes…

In our ongoing series, A Sense of Place, we look at the history of the Ozarks, and delve into what helped shape the region to become what it is today. In this segment, KSMU’s Jennifer Moore is on the road visiting a small Ozarks town, where locals have speculated for decades on the history behind a large part of their town’s identity: its name.

Reporter Standup:

The Religious History of the Ozarks, Part 2

May 28, 2009

KSMU's Missy Shelton continues her discussion with John Schmalzbauer about the history of religion in the Ozarks.

Shelton: John Schmalzbauer holds the Blanche Gorman Strong Chair in Protestant Studies at Missouri State University. And when we left off our conversation this morning, we were discussing the history of the Jewish community in the Ozarks.Were there ever tensions between the Christian communities and the Jewish communities?

The religious landscape of the Ozarks is rich and varied. As a part of KSMU’s ongoing series A Sense of Place, Missy Shelton visits with Religious Studies Professor John Schmalzbauer about the history of religion in the Ozarks.

(Listen to Part 2 of our report to learnmoreabout the history of religion in the Ozarks, including a look at the presence of Islam and eastern religions in the Ozarks.)